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Cast of Zombie Resurrection

Eric Colvin / SYKES
Eric Colvin as Christopher Sykes

‘Death amongst the living. Better than life amongst the dead.’ – SYKES

In preparation for Sykes, Eric Colvin has been a murderer, torturer, rapist, psychologist, drug-addled nazi lunatic, crazed Russian philosopher, several mad scientists, a couple of homeless tramps, a fascist/futurist, a colonel, an albatross and a vicar or two.

He now lives quietly in a dark corner of Essex with his wife and her chickens.

Simon Burbage / GANDHI
Simon Burbage as Gandhi

‘Have a bit of respect for those living with early onset necrosis.’ – GANDHI

Since graduating from East 15 Acting School in 2008 he has appeared in more films, plays and adverts than you can shake a stick at. Career highlights include sharing the Old Vic stage with Kevin Spacey in Inherit The Wind, lead roles in major commercials for clients such as Pizza Hut, Pepsi and Visa, and playing Keith in upcoming feature film Pulp.

In his spare time Simon enjoys being creative in other ways; songwriting on his acoustic guitar, playing football for a local team, and making people laugh until they snort the beverage of their choice out of their noses.

Jim Sweeney / MAC
Jim Sweeney as Mac

‘Places like this didn’t last long. Easy feeding.’ – MAC

A native of Greenock, Jim went into acting late in life. He had always wanted to ‘have a go’ but people, places and other things always seemed to take precedent.

Jim started acting in 2004 while staying in the United States and eventually trained there.

Basically to save myself from incarceration, death or insanity. I don’t want to act, I NEED to act; it is my escape from my life and my head. I love the craft of acting and consider it a lifetime’s work in progress. I see myself a Film & TV actor as that is what appeals to me.

In 2010 Jim completed a stint on new Ken Loach movie The Angels Share.

Danny Brown / BEAUMONT
Danny Brown as Henry Beaumont

‘I once drove straight onto the green on the seventh at St. Andrews. 370 yards.
I’ll never see another club like it.’

Danny spent much of the 80’s and 90’s playing guitar and singing in the Indie band
Mega City Four. Originally championed by legendary radio DJ John Peel, the group embarked on lengthy tours of the UK, Europe, USA and Japan, breaking only to enter the studio to record 7 albums, countless singles and 3 BBC Radio 1 Evening Sessions.

On completing his acting training at The Webber Douglas Academy in London in 2001, Danny went into three consecutive seasons of Rep’ theatre in Farnham, Surrey. Worked at The Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond and for Alan Ayckbourn in Scarborough, National Tour and a six month West End run. TV credits include the Soaps Family Affairs and Eastenders.

Jade Colucci / HARDEN
Jade Colucci as Katrina Harden

‘Nice surprise – like coming home to find your dad noshing down on your boyfriend.’ – HARDEN

Jade was born and bred in London, a Cockney some may say with a bit of Italian thrown in for good measure. She trained at The Poor School and has since gained credits in both TV and Theatre including The Bill. The parts she loves to play are not normally the shy and retiring type hence the reason she fell in love with the character Katrina Harden.

‘I fell in love with my character straight away… she has a penchant for swearing. and is a no nonsense kinda gal with a bloody bad temper… she says it how it is and it is how she says… ‘

Joe Rainbow / GIBSON
Joe Rainbow as Major Gibson

‘That child needs to realise that this is a war zone.’ – GIBSON

Having served his apprenticeship in short films too numerous to mention, Joe has also appeared in several feature films including recent zombie comedy Stag Night of the Dead, and was the romantic yet troubled lead in Billboard.

Joe’s played everything from an inept hitman to a frustrated biker, a wannabe DJ and a pervy Irish underwear fetishist. Joe’s also found time to appear in adverts for Starburst, Lynx, T-Mobile, Heinz, Pimms, BT and many more.

Rachel Nottingham / BECCA
Rachel Nottingham as Becca Beaumont

‘Can I have your dog-tags? When you’re dead?’ – BECCA

Rachel trained at Drama Studio London, graduating in 2010. Professional acting credits include: Lydia Bennet, Miss Bingley and Georgiana Darcy in nationwide Italian tour Pride and Prejudice with European Arts; Fairy Bow-Bells in Bigfoot Arts’ Entertainment’s Dick Whittington; Amy in Korean feature film Duet; and Emy in Ney Productions’ short film, Who Cares?

Christmas 2011 saw her joining the cast of the smash hit musical Dreamboats and Petticoats in their No. 1 UK Tour.

Shamiso Mushambi / ESTHER
Shamiso Mushambi as Esther

‘The walls hang heavy with a thousand souls destined for eternal damnation.’ – ESTHER

Shamiso is Zimbabwean born actress who began performing at the age of five, simply to get attention really. However it was not till the age eighteen that she decided to become a professional actor. Since then she has been working regularly in theatre and film and has played some rather varied parts. Her favourites including ‘Tendai’ an enterprising housewife in Merry Wives of Wedza, ‘Rinaldo’, a faithful servant in Alls Well That Ends Well and ‘Alice’, a maniacal girl in Hope for Pinok.

Georgina Winters / ASHER
Georgina Winters as Asher

‘The men are monsters. The monsters are coming.’ – ASHER

Georgia trained in a acting with the National Youth Theatre and with Sam Rumbelow (Self Made, Gillian Wearing). She is a member of ‘The Ensemble’ a theatre company with whom she has performed in Trading Faces and as Una in Blackbird (by David Harrower).

Film credits include Daisy’s Last Stand (dir. Gary Grant) and Britain Isn’t Working (dir. Gary Grant), other theatre work includes The Seagull, The Lonesome West, Supernatural and The Crucible.

Zombie Resurrection Trailer


Jake Hawkins & Andy PhelpsCharmed Apocalypse Pictures is a Hampshire-based film production company dedicated to bringing low-budget horror to the discerning masses.

Andy Phelps

Award-winning writer, director, reformed nerd, blogger, and zombie enthusiast. An alumnus of Bournemouth University’s Masters Course in Screenwriting, which sits uncomfortably alongside a distant PhD in Hard Sums. He currently lives in the nicest bit of South Hampshire with his son and a thousand nervous neighbours.

Jake Hawkins

Not an award winning writer, director or Doctor. 2008 Graduate of Winchester University’s Screen Production course. Set up Charmed Apocalypse Pictures with Andy after realising his portfolio of short films and documentaries was sadly lacking a dark Zombie horror comedy.

Zombie Resurrection

Zombie Resurrection

15 months after the zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors are forced to take refuge in an abandoned school, where they encounter a mysterious zombie with the power to bring the undead back to life.


Zombie Resurrection is a darkly humorous low-budget horror film set 15 months after the zombie apocalypse. Since the outbreak, pockets of survivors live in isolated stockades dotted around the country, and so successful has this separation been that there have been no new infections for months.
The zombies have decayed away; deteriorating to slow, shambolic, toothless pests.

We join a group of eight survivors in the middle of a six-day march across the badlands, moving from one of the smaller stockades to the central most-populous hub. A party of people all dealing with the end of the world in their own way – the weekend soldier; the skittish prisoner; the unnecessarily violent veteran; the middle-class parent and his bizarrely well-adjusted daughter; the foul-mouthed chav; the idealistic zombie-rights campaigner; the pregnant religious zealot.

En route, the party leader has a freakishly unlucky encounter with a zombie, and loses a leg. With night-time quick approaching and the nearby horde lured by the smell of blood, the party are forced to seek refuge inside an abandoned school. There they encounter the first ripe zombie that they’ve seen in months; less than 24 hours since infection, the zombie is fast, powerful and absolutely terrifying.

Convinced that there must be other survivors in the building, a faction splits away from the group to investigate, and discovers a gathering of zombies involved in a bizarre resurrection ceremony. A mysterious serene zombie lays his hands upon one of the horde, who violently returns to life. Petrified, the man struggles to escape but is immediately re-devoured; a continual recycling of the horde that keeps them fresh and extraordinarily dangerous.

As the party fight to understand the mysteries of the school, they are confronted with their first real test of survival since the beginning of the outbreak. They rescue another survivor, a psychotic denizen whose only memories are of being brutally devoured a hundred times over, and attempt to kidnap the mysterious zombie from the midst of his horrifying congregation. Is he the answer to the zombie plague? How much faith can you have in something that science can’t explain?

As tensions build among the group the characters wrestle with issues of belief, guilt and self-interest. With the party fractured, a deadly balancing act develops between survival and heroism, in an increasingly splatter-ridden game of cat-and-mouse through to a gore-tastic climax.



Cannes Plans 2014

05th March 2014

With Cannes around the corner and the Japanese distribution deal complete, the Charmed Apocalypse office is gearing up for a trip to the French coast to secure further distribution for Zombie Resurrection at Cannes 2014.

Charmed Apocalypse News

Big in Japan

03rd March 2014

The Japanese version of Zombie Resurrection has arrived, and it looks great. Be warned: subtitles only, so anyone looking forward to getting early copies before the UK release just to hear Mactavish swearing blue murder in Japanese will be sadly disappointed. He still sounds superb in good old fashioned Scottish though!

Zombie Resurrection Japanese DVD

Charmed Apocalypse News


01st March 2014

With the Japanese rights to Zombie Resurrection secured it is time to part company with Moviehouse Entertainment. We will have a few copies of the Japanese version of the film coming through soon so watch this space!

Charmed Apocalypse News

Charmed Apocalypse Pictures News

Zombie Resurrection secures sales representation with Moviehouse Entertainment

06th April 2013

Charmed Apocalypse Pictures are pleased to announce the securing of international sales representation with London based sales agents Moviehouse Entertainment.

Moviehouse Entertainment will be taking Zombie Resurrection to Cannes in May, and are the people to contact regarding acquisitions and distribution.

Zombie Resurrection - Sales Poster

Charmed Apocalypse News

Zombie Resurrection – Cast and Crew Screening

17th November 2012

Today marked a monumental land mark in the journey of Zombie Resurrection – the cast and crew screening.

Keeping it thematic the screening took place at Winchester University which is an old haunt for Jake who graduated it’s historic walls in 2008. 200 guests filled the main screening room to welcome the first viewing of Zombie Resurrection and enjoyed jumps, laughs, and gore a plenty.

With the cast and crew screening complete Zombie Resurrection is now officially ready to be passed into the hands of the great and the good and begin the final leg of it’s journey – international sales and distribution.

Charmed Apocalypse News

Cast and Crew Screening

26th October 2012

With Halloween around the corner it seems fitting to announce the cast and crew screening of Zombie Resurrection is upon us!

With the film now chock full of polished VFX, sound design and score it is time to show the good people who gave up their August 2011 to shoot a blood soaked, flooded and maggot laced zombie film the fruits of their collective labour. Thanks guys and girls – see you in November!

Charmed Apocalypse News

Festival Screeners

13th July 2012
The first festival screener of Zombie Resurrection went out today! The screener contains temp VFX and a look grade along with a full score and work in progress sound design. So by no means the finished film but most definitely a strong representation of what the finished film will look and feel like in terms of narrative tone and aesthetic.

Plans are to have the film completed by early September and ready to screen at several key horror festivals around the world before securing UK distribution. Watch this space…

Charmed Apocalypse News

Back from Cannes

23rd May 2012
Charmed Apocalypse Pictures flew out to Cannes on 17th May and returned on the 22nd. This was our first Cannes visit so weren’t sure what to expect but knew we’d done our homework and had meetings coming out of our ears for distribution and international sales representation.

Our visit to Cannes was very productive and generated a large amount of interest from distributors and sales agents alike. Everyone loved the Zombie Jesus angle and the artwork so our promo materials did the business. Cheers Amo!

Phew! Once the Cannes dust has settled it’s back to it pushing hard to get our screeners out. Watch this space…

Charmed Apocalypse News

Cannes artwork

26th April 2012
With only 21 days to go until we ship off to Cannes our artwork is locked and looking striking and nasty as hell courtesy of Amo Bassan.

Charmed Apocalypse News

Post Production & Cannes

12th April 2012
With just over a month to go before we head out to Cannes Zombie Resurrection is enjoying getting the post production treatment it deserves. The film is currently being scored and sound design is in full swing, as is the VFX which promises to deliver gore galore and plenty of lovely mood in the grade. The Zombie Resurrection opening titles also delivers a delicious animated sequence realising the true horror of the global apocalypse as mad zombie beasts tear through capital cities ripping humanity to shreds before rotting away into the toothless pests we see wandering the badlands 15 months after the outbreak.

First view of the Cannes promo looks fantastic and races along like a slathering mad zombie thing! Cannes here we come…

Charmed Apocalypse News

Our IndieGoGo Campaign has ended!

13th March 2012
Our IndieGoGo campaign has come to an end! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the post fund and helped us get a step closer to getting Zombie Resurrection over the finish line! The Undead Wall of Love is big and very beautiful, thank you!

We are now full on with post production with the aim of getting a delicious 5 minute promo ready for Cannes!

Charmed Apocalypse News

Zombie Resurrection gets press!

29th February 2012
With the January release of the trailer, Zombie Resurrection has been gathering momentum and generating a lot of online buzz both in the UK and internationally. Below are a selection of recent press articles on the film:

The Zed Word
Horror Cult Films
Horror Cult Films Interview with Jake & Andy
Meta Cafe
Bloody Disgusting
Truly Disturbing
Aint it Cool News

More lovely press to follow!

Charmed Apocalypse News

Welcome to the Undead Wall of Love

26th January 2012
Just 6 days into our IndieGoGo campaign and we have had a torrent of contributions leaving us feeling overwhelmed with the support for Zombie Resurrection.

We cannot thank our generous supporters enough, so for our contributors who were happy to be named we have the Undead Wall of Love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Charmed Apocalypse News

IndieGoGo campaign live!

20th January 2012
Zombie Resurrection has a 50 day campaign on IndieGoGo to help us raise the last slice of funding we need to get us over the finish line and ready for Cannes in May.

Independent film making in the UK is hard going, a really tough slog. We have been very fortunate on our undead journey but now comes the final push to get us finished. Please head over to IndieGoGo to see how you can support independent UK horror film Zombie Resurrection.

Charmed Apocalypse News

Zombie Resurrection Trailer live!

15th January 2012
The trailer for Zombie Resurrection went live in the wee hours of Sunday 15th January and it has already received a far greater response than we could have hoped for, thank you! Here she is in all her gory glory.

Special thanks to our VFX team and composer who worked tirelessly over the festive period to bring it to the table and kick off 2012 with a big undead bang!

Charmed Apocalypse News

Editor on board!

05th January 2012
In a bid to get Zombie Resurrection in as great a shape as it can be a full time editor has been taken on to take our initial cut (to script) and bless it with editorial flair and finesse.

We welcomed Marcelo Vianna to the Charmed Apoc-office with coffee at the Curzon and a big present in the shape of a man-bag containing our first cut of the film on a 4Tb box. Depending on how you look at it Christmas came very early or fashionably late for Marcelo.

Recently Marcelo has worked on British Drama Zebra Crossing and his showreel blew us away. Welcome aboard Marcelo!

Charmed Apocalypse News

Zombie Resurrection wraps

23rd September 2011
Zombie Resurrection wrapped on principal photography on 27th August after 14 months of script development and pre-production. A massive thank you to everyone involved in the project, it’s has been an incredible journey from start to finish and we are now eagerly running the marathon of post production at sprint speed in order to be ready for Cannes 2012! Check out the gallery for a selection of stills from the set.

Cast of Zombie Resurrection

Charmed Apocalypse News

Zombie Up

01st September 2011
Big thanks to all our zombie horde in all their shapes, sizes and levels of decay! We had a cracking turn out of undead over the summer and every shambling man, woman and child worked through the night to help us get some great footage. The original Zombie School video used to recruit our fabulous undead can be found here.

Charmed Apocalypse News

Kit & Make-up test

01st July 2011
Friday 01st July marked a very special day in the Charmed Apocoffice with the testing of our chosen kit and zombie make-up (pictures of which can be seen in the Gallery). The chosen camera to shoot on is the fantastic Panasonic AF101 supplied by the very excellent Maniac Films who were able to provide us with a one stop shop for all our kit needs. The Panasonic AF101 combines superb visuals in a very small package, meaning our desired shoulder mounted shooting style can be accomodated without breaking anyone’s back in the process!

We will also be putting out a call very soon for our Zombie Horde – so if you fancy getting some splatter-ridden face time in a zombie feature film watch this space!

Resurrection Zombie

Charmed Apocalypse News

Guest blog on Chris Jones blog

29th June 2011
Chris Jones has a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of the do’s and do not’s of indie film making and his books and lectures have been a great asset to our film making escapades thus far. As if that wasn’t enough help, following on from Charmed Apocalypse’s attendance at Chris Jones’s Guerrilla Film Makers masterclass 3-day marathon, Chris offered us a guest blog spot on his website! To find out more from Chris Jones follow him on Twitter @livingspiritpix

Charmed Apocalypse News

Zombie Lifecasting begins!

15th June 2011
Lifecasting of Zombie Resurrection’s rotten Romero-esque Zombies began in June. The lucky soon-to-be-zombies had the pleasure of being caked in thick blue alginate courtesy of SFX guru Robbie Drake. Pictures of the ordeal can be seen in the Gallery. Pictures courtesy of the excellent Rob Luckins.

Charmed Apocalypse News

Jake & Andy attend the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass

07th June 2011
Charmed Apocalypse Pictures were lucky enough to get two seats at the highly sought after Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass in Regents College London from 3rd-5th June. After Fridays Q&A with Oscar winners Gareth Unwin and David Seidler of The Kings Speech, Chris Jones delivered an intense two day seminar on the monster journey that is producing a feature film and getting it sold.

Charmed Apocalypse News

Zombie Resurrection casting call

02nd May 2011
The casting call for Zombie Resurrection went live on Monday 18th April and was due to be live until 16th May. However, after a much greater response than anticipated the casting call has now been closed. Many thanks to everyone who applied!

Charmed Apocalypse News

Jake & Andy hook up with F director Johannes Roberts for a pint and a chat

15th March 2011

The boys head out to the big smoke to talk VFX and camera geekery with prospective crew and grab a pint with Johannes Roberts director of the superb F featuring an intense and awesome David Schofield. See the full posting of the meeting with Johannes Roberts.

Johannes Roberts 'F'

Charmed Apocalypse News

Tea and a Slice of Horror

4th March 2011

Jake and Andy meet the lovely Southampton based journalist Xan Phillips for a cup of tea, a thick slice of horror and to discuss the gory details of Zombie Resurrection. There’s never been a better time to be making and investing in Zombie films, read the full article here to find out why.

Charmed Apocalypse News

Welcome to Charmed Apocalypse Pictures

28th January 2011

The Charmed Apocalypse website went live today and is the official site for all information relating to the feature production Zombie Resurrection. While all major news items regarding the movie will be posted here, Andy’s day-to-day musings, rants and updates on the production activities can be found on the Shooting the Dead blog. Not for the squeamish.
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Shooting the Dead